On Valuing Conversation

Here’s an interesting post ("on valuing conversation").   Both Barb Dybwad  and Peter Kaminski work for Socialtext – the startup company introducing wiki technology for enterprise communications.  Both have posted a number of times on the need to aggregate, filter and personalize communication to make it more productive and context-aware for individuals, teams and organizations. 

I think the concept of "conversation" highlights an important point.  Enabling Communication is different from capturing the conversation. 

While enabling users / infoworkers to communicate across a number of different channels (e.g. phone call, voicemail, email, instant messaging, fixed-to-mobile etc.), there is an unmet need related to the on-going "conversation" itself.   

It seems to me that being able to make a call (or transfer it, or multi-party it) is not as important – certainly not as much as it use to be –  as what is actually said on the call.  Capture the value of the conversation… the context of it…help me to recall it… to reference it in other conversations…that’s where the value is for me.  I believe there is a real personal productivity gain – and market opportunity for future communication applications – in extracting the value of the conversation, not just enabling it to happen.   

Have a read of Barb’s post and let me know what you think. "On Valuing Conversation"

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