Sensing – A New Dimension of Opportunity

Reposted from September 2005:

Fred Wilson (VC at Flatiron and UnionSquare Ventures) is looking for a new "vector" and feels like he (We) are close to finding it.   

His post on identifying a new dimension is worth a read… and a tag… as I agree that we're moving into a new opportunity phase.

While Fred feels that Relevance may be the next opportunity, Pulver asks for Presence Awareness across applications with understand his context of use.

My thinking is aligned with Fred and Jeff.

If the 80's was about Computing and the 90's was about Connecting, then the 10's will be about Sensing. 

For me "Sensing" is about intelligently understanding personal context to determine how / when / if content and communications are relevant and best delivered.

My vote for a new dimension is "Sensing".

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