P2P Voice Recognition Services

Tellmeskype_2Being dwarfed by buyout rumors was Skype’s announcement of a Voice Services program and partnership efforts with vxml players like Tellme.

This puts voice recognition applications over Skype and creates a couple of interesting questions for speech application vendors as well as developers. 

Check out David Weinberger’s post where he summarizes a conversation with Tellme’s Don Jackson – VP of Advanced Telephony. 

An interesting quote from Don Jackson to think about in terms of Skype relationship…

Tellme was created with the mission to revolutionize how people interact with the telephone. We think telephone interactions should be far more powerful and more personalized. For example when you go off hook [i.e., pick up the phone], why do you get that dumb dialtone sound? Tellme has this vision called DialTone 2.0. When you go off hook it’s "Hi, Don. You have three new voice messages. Who do you want to call?" The dial tone becomes your gateway to voice services that you’re accessing over the telephone.

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