Start-Up: Vivox, a Pulver Company

So, a while back, I noted Jeff Pulver’s request to add context services – not just presence information – to communications.

Jeff has put his money – along with Grand Banks Capital – where his mouth is … and funded an early stage start-up called Vivox.

From their website (…

"Vivox enable our customers to weave IP communications features into their applications and services. These context specific services, like IP-powered voice for online gaming and dating, drive greater interaction among our customers’ users and increase loyalty and revenue opportunities. We offer a carrier-grade platform, deep customization tools and an unparalleled scope of services."

Announced at VON, Vivox is focused on embedding free voice, and related presence services, within applications to comm-enable them.  The story at VON seemed to position Vivox as the logical follow-up to Skype. 

If Skype introduced free VoIP to the masses, Vivox will make free VoIP, Presence (and Context?) to Web 2.0 services and communities.

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