SkypeWeb and SkypeNet

With the Skype acquisition, there’s been a bit of a lull in the Skype-storm.  So, I’ve been taking the chance to catch-up on opinions and insights related to the potential of Skype (pre-eBay) and found two nuggets worth considering.

SkypeWeb: Subscribe-able Skype Presence

Skype will launch a web presence server solution under the name SkypeWeb. This will be supported in a new client release (we don’t know when) which will broadcast your presence data via preferences in the client. Apparently a new bit of code in the P2P network will ping status updates every five second to a presence server. Presence information will be availabie in the form of an ATOM feed which will enable presence updates and also enable contact lists. All list detail is said to be controlled by the user. Thus the Atom feed will push presence data direct from the Skype client enabling contact lists for a circle of friends. The general idea space is good. Details? Client? We don’t know yet.

SkypeNet: Embeddable Skype

Skype will open up presence and IM functionality to the whole world under the name SkypeNet. It’s unknown whether this will include file sharing. SkypeNet is made up of SkypeLite clients — a headless Skype client, without user interface, that can be integrated into any application. This should let you build Skype servers and web services. It should help Skype become enabled in programs like Trillian, make Skype more interesting for online game publishers, and create opportunities for business applications that need to scale. This is a huge gap in their architecture and, depending on execution, SkypeNet may fill it.  The thinking seems aligned in some ways to Vivox.

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