Mobile Voice 2.0?

I’ve had this bookmarked for some time, but wanted to capture the implications of VoIP+Mobile+Voice 2.0 thinking.  Check out Oliver Starr’s write-up on Talkplus after seeing them at DEMOFall 2005…

Coming up with a definitive "Coolest New Application" for DEMOfall 2005 would be a tough call, but I’m betting hardly anyone that saw it wouldn’t have the TalkPlus Call Manager at or near the top of the list.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that it’s really cool, and not even considering the potential for truly delectable pranks that could be pulled by virtue of its ability to allow you to have multiple numbers both originating at and calling out from your single mobile device, the Call Manager totally re-writes the rules when it comes to controlling access to you via your phone.

Among the awesome things it can do:

Sick of being harassed by XYZZXX collections that always calls from the same number? Call Manager can be set to give them a "the number you have reached has been disconnected…"

At the same time, your old friend from college…you know the one that ONLY calls when she’s got some drama…can get a busy signal from 8 to 5 and then can leave a message from 5 on.

This without sacrificing any utility or the ability for those that you WANT to hear from to get through. What’s more, the application supports the use of multiple numbers from multiple countries. You can have a German number, a Costa Rican Number (providing they have numbers available in those countries) and two US numbers, all of which would be local calls to others from those areas regardless of where you happen to be at any given time.

The Call Manager supports up to 10 participants on a conference call without a bridge or any third party, and it also supports GROUP LISTS so you can call that board meeting to order without having to look up and dial half a dozen numbers.

The application works on any Brew, Java or WAP enabled phone, is network agnostic and due to the fact that it does not disintermediate the carrier from the phone call the way that using VOIP over your unlimited EvDo connection would, does not alienate the carriers making it unlikely that they will do anything to block users from enjoying the full functionality of this application.

Like I said, it’s a tough call to choose any one product from DEMOfall as the single most impressive, but I have to say that I can’t think of any other that I am so anxious to have running on my own phone.

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