A Voice 2.0 Manifesto

Alec Saunders of Iotum and Simply Relevant has offered his opinions on the evolution from Voice 1.0 to Voice 2.0 through a Manifesto for Voice 2.0.  Let’s look at the key elements of his vision for Voice 2.0:

  1. Voice 2.0 — true VoIP — is the marriage of IP Telephony to the Web.
  2. Talk is the baseline, but that baseline will be combined with text / IM messaging, and video
  3. Voice  – true VoIP – will be free
  4. There will be three billable entities: connectivity, directory, and applications
  5. Applications in the Voice 2.0 world will come in three flavors:
    • Voice applications – these are the traditional voice applications we already know and love
    • Voice enabled IT applications – these are intersection of today’s business process automation tools with voice
    • The voice web – the mash-up of voice and the internet will result in a whole new class of applications, not seen yet.
  6. The construction and sale of these applications will be a market bigger than the web itself.  Applications are where the value is created in Voice 2.0.
  7. Voice 2.0 Building blocks: presence, directory, XML
  8. Voice will be monetized through the long tail of high value applications targeted at specific communities of users.
  9. Voice 2.0 is a user-centric view of the world.
  10. Voice 2.0 is all about developers too — the companies that exploit the platform assets of identity, presence, and call control.

It is an interesting list and one that offers some insights on how Voice 1.0 may evolve.  Implicit in the branding of Voice 2.0 is the shared alignment with evolution of Web 2.0, Media 2.0 and Search 2.0.   

If you believe that Web 2.0 has evolved faster than Voice 2.0, then lessons of Web 2.0 (and Media 2.0 or Search 2.0) should serve as a proxy for how best to optimize Voice 2.0… better yet… Communications 2.0… solutions, companies and ecosystems as they evolve.

I’ll be adding more on this soon…

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