Conversations are Voice 2.0 Market Opportunities…too

CluetrainJeremy Zwadony has expressed his frustration in following on-line conversations in the Web 2.0 world and references the quote…"Markets are Conversations"…

That phrase comes from the Cluetrain Manifesto and appears frequently in blog postings and comments. The implication is that companies need to get involved in "the conversation" happening about them and their products or services.

If you believe in one of my guiding principles that issues and problems in the evolution of Web 2.0 serve as a proxy for the evolution of Voice 2.0 or Communications 2.0, Jeremy’s post on how hard it is to follow on-line conversations is worth noting.   

Communications 2.0 could make it easier for users to maintain context, relevance and continuity of conversations – synchronous and asynchronous.   Envision being able to maintain a conversation "thread" of various voicemails or a conversation that hurdles from IM to phone calls to voicemail to email to conference calls.  Context, Recording, Reporting, Sharing and Searching of conversations in a seamless way represents a real market opportunity in the Voice 2.0 / Communications 2.0 world.   

In this case, a Voice 2.0 application of the Cluetrain Manifesto thinking might be "Conversations are Markets" … too.

Check out Jeremy’s post for additional context…

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