Trust, Attention and Relevance

Brad Feld has a great post on the consistent referencing to Trust, Attention and Relevance as major themes for Web 2.0 (and Voice 2.0) opportunities.   I’m right there with Mr. Feld on this one.  The next 10-15 years will significant value creation opportunities linked to Trust, Attention and Relevance solutions…Solutions that Sense, Alert and Manage how we allocate Trust, Attention and Relevancy.   A key snippet from Brad’s post includes:

There are three words I’m starting to see regularly in the recursive world of blogs (blogs about blogs) and user-generate content (yes – there is an awful lot of user-generated content about user-generated content, including this blog post.)

  1. Trust
  2. Attention
  3. Relevance

how about a haiku since when I get older I want to be like Yoda.

It’s the trust, stupid
Pay attention people
Relevance it is

…these three words (ok – concepts) are going to start weaving themselves into a lot of the user-generated content dialogue. 

Mr. End User wants to automagically get the most relevant, trusted stuff and ignore the other n-thousand pieces of email / blog / web / RSS clutter that vies for his attention every day.


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