Yahoo! moves to Voice 2.0

With Yahoo’s recent acquisitions of Flickr and Delicious it is clear that they are aggressively assembling a portfolio of social software assets that can be expanded and leveraged in other services.   Of particular note is how Yahoo will utilize user-generated content and data within their Messenger and Communications strategy.

Andy Abramson sums it up nicely in his post:

…Part of Voice 2.0 is all about marrying and crossing data first behavior into Voice supported communications, not the other way around. And Yahoo’s got a very good handle on that. Perhaps the best of the giants, followed by AOL and MSN. Google’s still figuring it out and Skype ebay is still about replacing the phone company with a PC. Sorry, but it’s not the same.

…My guess is Yahoo’s ready and the world is waiting, watching and gearing up for Voice 3.0

I believe the opportunity for Voice 2.0 players lies in collecting and integrating user-generated behavior to improve relevant services to optimize allocation of user’s attention.   While I think it is early to be talking about Voice 3.0,  it is clear that Voice 2.0 is on the way and provides significant opportunities for growth.

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