Merging of Consumer & Enterprise Communication Services

Pngconverge_1Consumers are increasingly merging their personal and professional e-mail usage, a study of e-mail users by DoubeClick Email Solutions said Wednesday.

The survey data indicates that consumers may be increasingly tethered to their jobs as they check their professional e-mail evenings and weekends. For marketing professionals, the results raise questions about the value of a “best time” of the day and week to send marketing material to consumers.

DoubleClick said 55 percent of the respondents look at their work e-mail at home in the evening and 54 percent view work e-mail on weekends. Conversely, 48 percent check their personal e-mail at work.

DoubleClick found also that nearly half of the respondents owned at least three e-mail accounts with 95 percent having one primary account. For online purchases, 72 percent use a single address for purchasing online.

How does this hint toward the convergence of other personal and work communications services?  And how will adoption of converged consumer/enterprise services impact Enterprise software spending? 

I believe the answers will emerge in 2006.

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