Will Enterprise be the New Legacy?

Jason at 37Signals aggressively predicts the end of enterprise software as we know it.  While intentionally provocative, and biased toward his product portfolio, I think it is worth noting.  Clearly we will see the emergence of Web Apps targeted toward the enterprise. 

The challenge will be in determining how to deliver a seamless experience between an installed base of desktop/server applications and new web-apps that will emerge.

Jason’s thoughts:

In the face of the new year, here’s a single 37signals’ prediction for 2006:

Enterprise will follow legacy to become a common insult among software creators and users.

Enterprise software vendors’ costs will continue to rise while the quality of their software continues to drop. There will be a revolt by the people who use the software (they want simple, slim, easy to use tools) against the people who buy the software (they want a fat feature list that’s dressed to impress).

This will cause enterprise vendors to begin hemorrhaging customers to simpler, lower cost solutions that do 80% of what their customers really need (the remaining 20% won’t justify the 10x-100x cost of the higher priced enterprise software “solutions”).

By the end of 2006, it will be written that enterprise means bulky, expensive, dated…

While a polarizing view of the enterprise software market, it does offer an interesting contrast in both technology development model and business model to today’s Enterprise Software ecosystem.

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