Streaming VoiceMail

V4spowered Ross Mayfield once pronounced podcasting as the new voicemail and recent developments by Orb Networks hints that Ross may be on target.

You can now get Skype voicemail via Orb Networks’ free V4S voicemail service. What’s more, V4S (that’s, Voicemail for Skype) makes those voicemails accessible from any device with a streaming audio player connected to the Net (without any additional software), can send you new message alerts via email or SMS, and allows you to easily rewind and fast-forward messages since they are played in your media player. The service does, however require that you run their beta software on your XP machine logged into Skype and connected to the Internet "all the time" since this is the device which serves up and hosts those .WMA stored voicemails. We can’t imagine that Skype will be too happy about Orb Networks cutting into their revenue stream so you’d better get to downloading your beta while the downloadin’s good.

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