Voice 2.0 and Social Networks

I recently spent time with David Hornik (www.augustcap.com) to discuss the evolution of web communication tools, the balance of consumer and enterprise services and the impact of social networks as Voice 2.0 emerges.

David Hornik described in his December post, Social Networks 3.0, we are entering another stage in the progression of networks. He outlines the transformation that “social networks are becoming an important ingredient of all sorts of consumer experience,” is due to the fact that “[it’s] clear that the building and management of a social network was not, in and of itself, a compelling consumer experience.”

“Social Networks 2.0,” as David calls them (Friendster, Tribe, Orkut, LinkedIn, Spoke), were centrally about connecting people. The sole reason d’etre to be on Friendster was to have and demonstrate a friend network. In this this newest generation of social networking sites, people are connecting about something. MySpace and many of the other teen sites is about “me” and music, in The Facebook they’re connecting over the common bond of school experiences, etc. People want to share their experiences about subject areas in which they are passionate, and these latest networks give youth a vehicle to do that.

I think this is a key point to keep in mind as we work on Voice 2.0/Communication 2.0.  Will Social Networks be a feature embedded in multiple services ranging from MySpace to GMail/Gtalk to AIM Buddy Lists to MyYahoo services?…. or … Will we create an aggregated Social Network filter that serves as an overlay to all of the above?   

If who we talk with, IM with, email with, blog with and schedule appointments with represents our Social Network in Action, I believe Communication 2.0 becomes the aggregated social filter so critical to managing our precious attention.

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