Point of View and Theories of the Future


HBS Professor Gary Hamel of "Competing for the Future" and "Leading the Revolution" fame describes that an actionable Vision – a Point of View (POV) – of the Future must meet 4 tests:

(1) It must be Credible and based on unimpeachable data

(2) It must be Coherent such that all the pieces of the POV fit together

(3) It must be Compelling in a way that speaks to hearts and their intellect

(4) It must be Commercial such that it provides increasing returns

Many of my posts so far capture the industry events, user trends or technology evolution related to the emergence of Voice 2.0/Communication 2.0 opportunities.  In a way, they are the Credible proof of my POV outlined earlier.

I found my self thinking back to a post – A look back at the Future – by Peter Rip of Leapfrog Ventures where he highlights two key points:

Web_stack First, Peter outlines a web platform/stack that illustrates the importance and implications of structured vs. unstructured data.  Note the positioning of Voice/Communications/Collaboration above both structured and unstructured data stores. 

Second, he outlines the importance of defining a POV – a Theory of the Future – that enables entreprenuers and VC partners to put opportunities into context.

"We need to have a Theory of the Future to create a context about every seed stage company we see. If you don’t have a point of view about the future, you can’t have a point of view about future value" – Peter Rip, Leapfrog Ventures.

So, what are the Credible, Coherent, Compelling and Commercial opportunities of Voice 2.0 utilizing both structured/unstructured data stores and relevancy?

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