Search for Attention

Jeff Clavier’s post covers an important topic discussed at a recent Search SIG.  "The Search for Attention" reinforces the question we’ve covered here a number of different times (here, here, here).   The panel included David Sifry (Technorati), Seth Goldstein (Root Markets), Gabe Rivera (Memeorandum)and Michael Arrington (TechCrunch) discussed our Information/Conversation Overload

Information overload has become the typical issue of anyone using the web to access or search for nuggets of information. Both the search and the subscription paradigms lead to countless results, posts, articles that one needs to sift through to extract relevant facts. Using Attention metadata (blog subscriptions, document hyperlinks, URLs and keywords entered by a web user,…) is one of the mechanisms infrastructure providers will use to elevate relevant pieces of information – as demonstrated today by the first generation of meme trackers (like Memeorandum, TailRank,…).

If Attention is scarce, identifying how we allocate our attention across multiple conversations and data sources will improve personal productivity along with efficiencies of content aggregation and advertising engines.

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