Enterprise 2.0 vs. Web 2.0 vs. SOA

Entweb20spectrum_1 As my hypothesis continues to holds true… "that Web 2.0 serves as a proxy for how Voice 2.0 or more broadly Communications 2.0 might evolve within the Enterprise" … then how does this compare to the promise of SOA? 

How do we compare the benefits of lightweight, freely adopted, social, open Web 2.0 development principles to the IT-centric architecture of SOA in the Enterprise?

The topic of Enterprise Web 2.0 has bubbled to the top of conversations around how the evolution of Web 2.0 principles (a) evolve to the Enterprise, and (b) make money. 

Two important articles on the topic include:

(1) John Hagel’s perspective on Web 2.0 vs. SOA

A cultural chasm separates these two technology communities, despite the fact that they both rely heavily on the same foundational standard – XML. The evangelists for SOA tend to dismiss Web 2.0 technologies as light-weight “toys” not suitable for the “real” work of enterprises.  The champions of Web 2.0 technologies, on the other hand, make fun of the “bloated” standards and architectural drawings generated by enterprise architects, skeptically asking whether SOAs will ever do real work".

(2) Dion Hinchcliffe’s perspective on Enterprise Web 2.0 (and the source of the graphic):

One premise of Enterprise Web 2.0 is that Web-based software is beginning to credibly encroach on many solution areas that traditional software previously addressed.  According to proponents, this maturing method of online software delivery provides more usability, convenience, and value.  The flexibility, mobility, and sheer connectedness of Web software is indeed increasingly hard to ignore.  And many of us, consciously or not, are doing more and more of our daily work in the browser, either using applications hosted on the Web, or inside our organizations using Web technology.

As Voice 2.0 enables the abstraction and embedding of communications functionality within business applications, we will need to better understand the strengths and limitations of both Web 2.0 and SOA models to simplify ho Enterprise users will be integrating communications across business process to improve personal productivity.

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