Everybody’s A Network

Both Jeff Jarvis and Stowe Boyd highlight the erosion of today’s old network value chains as the power in a scarcity-based economy moves from centralized to decentralized control… from the center to the edge.  Scarcity has shifted from supplier to consumer.  Increasingly, it is User Attention that is scare – not content – not distribution or broadcasting scale.  As a result power has shifted from old network suppliers to new,social networks of users.  Value is no longer created at the center dominated by old network players.  More and more value will be captured by those companies aggregating, rebundling and enabling users and audiences at the edge.

The edge will dissolve the center, and there is only one thing the center can do: move to the edge before the edge comes to them –  Stowe Boyd

…The old networks have no end of new competition. The scarcity economy is over; networks cannot continue to raise their rates even as their audiences shrink, because they no longer control the clock; there is always somewhere else to reach audiences — somewhere more efficienct and less expensive, by the way.

In the old static-network world, it made no sense to send people to other networks; in the new, fluid world, they’re going to go there anyway, and so the best thing to do is to help them find the best stuff, redefining the value of a network … Most important …you should recommend good stuff to people and it shouldn’t be just your stuff;  you use your relationship, trust, and resources to aggregate stuff and audience across the world of possibilities – Jeff Jarvis


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