Visualizing Social Networks

Visualizing_the_social_network While there are plenty of visualization techniques for network analysis, I thought this post… along with the suggestion of using Gladwell’s tipping point terminology of mavens, connectors and salespeople … offered a nice twist.

According to darmano

"…here is my version of the Social Network Visualized Download viz_net_copy.pdf . The “community clusters” are tightly linked communities that interact with each other while the green dots represent interactions which occur between community clusters.

It’s meant to be ultra simplified—yet show how online communities are linking, and interconnecting with each other through blogs, feeds, online forums, mobile etc.

Social Networks are expanding and evolving into a sustainable form of digital community.  These communities, composed of clusters are helping to fuel Marketing 2.0"

As I’ve outlined here before, it remains to be seen whether social networking features are embedded across multiple web applications and content sites… or if ultimately social network services evolve into an overlay service that rides on top of a number of different web applications and feeds.

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