Congenz – Enterprise Tagging

Startup Congenz has developed an interesting approach to enterprise bookmarking.  Think delicious for enterprise users.   I like their approach and ability to integrate my personal and enterprise bookmarks.  More importantly, social mapping of experts or those with common interests will help identify and coordinate dynamic collaboration teams within the enterprise space.  They are worth watching in this space.

From the Congenz Blog on Expertise Management:

"One of the major benefits that comes from using an enterprise bookmarking tool like Cogenz (as opposed to just using a publicly-available social bookmarking tool) is the ability to locate expertise within your organisation.

In large organisations in particular, finding someone who knows about a specific topic can be extremely difficult. Cogenz offers a few ways to make this easier:

1. Locating Experts (and Alternatives)

In Cogenz, it is relatively easy to find experts based on the tags they use. The assumption is that people who frequently use the “enterprise bookmarking” tag, for example, have an interest in (and therefore some knowledge of) the topic. Here are the users on our beta system who are identified as being related to this particular tag:

Picture 11.png

Therefore, if I was looking for someone in my organisation who could help me understand enterprise bookmarking, I’d be looking these two up.

2. Identifying Communities of Interest

Alternatively, if I am looking to find people across my organisation who share the same interests or knowledge as me (and therefore people I’d want to connect and share information with), I can simply go to my own page on Cogenz and see who my related users are:

Picture 21.png

3. Expertise Mapping

The two examples above are useful for individual employees to locate experts in particular field, or those who share their own interests, but what if you’d like to map the expertise within your company?

In that case, it’s a relatively simple process to extract all the connections from Cogenz to visualise both a) the connections between individuals and b) the connections between topics and experts.

Using social network analysis techniques, these can then be charted:

Picture 12.png

So there you have it. A very simple introduction to how companies can use Cogenz to locate and visualise experts and their relationships."

link to Cogenz

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