Comm-Enabling Enterprise 2.0

Angel_logo has launched an API for integration with and becomes another example of communication-enabling business processes in the Enterprise 2.0 world.  This expands the work they’ve completed with Skype and On-Demand Call Centers and IVR applications

"In a previous post, I showed you how you can open new cases in from an Voice Site without writing a line of code. Since then, we have worked on putting together a more comprehensive guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable an Voice Site to communicate and interact with a account.

The guide can be found at:

The document focuses on Service and Support functions and details how cases can be created, checked, updated, and closed, and how information about a contact can be retrieved in real time.

This means you can now build voice applications that can interact with a account and log new cases, check the status of cases, update and closes cases, and retrieve a contact’s information, all in real-time during calls.

Future versions of the API will include traditional CRM functions, such as creating or retrieving a lead, an opportunity, a contact, scheduling a task, etc."

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