Entering the “Data Lock-In” Era

In thinking about how one might describe the Future State of the Enterprise Software Stack, I found myself reviewing write-ups and descriptions of today’s consumer-centric Web 2.0 stack…and considering how it serves as a proxy for the future of the Enterprise 2.0 stack.   This one is worth another read.

From Tim O’Reilly—

Giving his views on the history of computer technologies since their beginning, Tim O’Reilly showed how this history can be split into three eras:

  • During the “Hardware Lock-In” era, computer constructors ruled the market.

  • Then came the “Software Lock-In” era dominated by software vendors.

  • We are now entering the “Data Lock-In” era.

In this new era, illustrated by the success of sites such as Google, Amazon, or eBay, the dominating actors are companies that can gather more data than their competitors and  their main asset is the content given or lent by their users for free.

When you outsource your mails to Google, you publish a review or even buy something on Amazon, upload your pictures to Flickr or add a bookmark in del.icio.us, you tie yourself to this site and you trade a service against their usage of your data.


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