Personal Communicators

Google_logoSonymyloskypelogoWith Apple’s WWDC happening this week, and increased speculation on an iPhone, competitive moves for "personal communicators" are becoming more obvious and public.   We should fully expect a set of Google, Apple, Sony (see mylo below) and Microsoft (Zune) devices that integrate IM, Browsing, eMail, Music, Photo,Video and Voice to make a splash targeting the consumer space.   Where’s the Enteprise equivalent?

From Engadget

Just ’cause Skype gets all the coverage doesn’t mean vendors have forgotten about other VoIP alternatives. Take the lovable Google Talk, for example. Taiwan’s Alpha Networks is all ready to produce a WiFi phone with Google Talk compatibility, they’re just waiting to sync up with "clients’ product roadmaps" — whatever that means. The phone should also have Gmail capabilities, and Alpha is planning to develop a video phone as well. Whether that points to Google Talk-based video chat, and whether some sort of forthcoming Google Video Talk product is on one of those "clients’ product roadmaps" is purely irresponsible (and entertaining) speculation on our part.

From TechCrunch/MobileCrunch:

Two big, related announcements are coming out tomorrow – MobileCrunch has the scoop. Sony announced its new mylo (”my life online”) personal communicator, a wifi device that works in any 802.11b wireless network. It allows instant messaging, internet browsing and emailing, as well as listening to music (MP3, ATRAC or WMA) and viewing photos and MPEG-4 videos. This thing is Skype enabled, and Skype is making a separate release on that functionality.

mylo has a 2.4 inch LCD screen (measured diagonally), 1 GB of flash memory and a slide out qwerty keyboard. You can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black or white. Sony claims the battery will allow up to 45 hours of music playback or seven hours of chatting and web surfing.

It also comes pre-packaged with Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger and includes JiWire’s hotspot directory which lists 20,000 or so wifi networks in the U.S.

Look for it in September, cost will be $350.

This could be the wifi device for Skype that we’ve all been waiting for. I’m going to get one of these things as soon as it’s released, a black one, and I suspect I’ll use it constantly.


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