DialTone 2.0 – Voice is the Mouse of Mobile

Tellme_logo_2Scott Shaffer’s blog – Pondering Primate – has an interesting take on TellMe’s effort to strengthen their position as the voice-interface for mobile devices.   I agree that "voice" has value as the mouse of the mobile phone but wonder about how this get implemented – is it at the application, at the service, at the web level?

"I have discussed the idea of the camera on your mobile phone being your "mouse" for the physical world, but your voice could too. A voice browser.

A camera can recognize machine readabale identifiers (barcodes, images, RFID tags) and act as physical world hyperlinks.

The concept of saying specific words that would link to specific sites, or offer targeted information is also a form of physical world connection.

From BusinessWeek TellMe tries a new trick 

Rather than PCs and browsers, they’d use their voices to navigate the Net. Founder Mike McCue called his vision DialTone 2.0.

Imagine how easy surfing would be if you could speak your search query, instead of typing it on your mobile.

TellMe is in discussions with Web portals, search engines, and wireless carriers about melding its voice products with their services and distribution.

With more than 2 billion cell phones in use world-wide (many with Web browsers) and carriers and Internet portals looking for new ways to make money, Microsoft and McCue are betting that voice-driven Web information will become much more popular.

"Your voice can be the mouse of the mobile phone," says analyst Seamus McAteer at researcher M:Metrics.

To see how TellMe works, try these out.

411 for Cingular
411 for Verizon home phones
1-800-DOMINOS, and more

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