Duet 2.0: Linking Enterprise 2.0 to Office 2.0?

Charlie Wood of SpanningPartners.com continues to provide interesting insights into how RSS like services provide integration opportunities across the Enterprise.   I like the way he thinks and offers an interesting take on the SAP-Microsoft integration effort called Duet:

Duet Ties Office 1.0 into Enterprise 1.0

Which begs the question…

Internetnews.com recently interviewed Dennis Moore, general manager for emerging solutions at SAP, to find out why Duet is important:

The strength of Duet is that it allows knowledge workers in enterprises using SAP to interact with certain SAP applications tied to the calendar functions, such as vacation scheduling, through Microsoft Office desktop solutions.

"Duet is not porting SAP to Office. It’s about extending Office to appropriate processes within SAP," Moore explained.

As I’ve said before, I’m fascinated by Duet. But even more fascinating is this exercise: replace "SAP" with "Enterprise 2.0" and/or "Office" with "Office 2.0".

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