Context-Aware Telephony

Equalsman2 From Phil Windly at ZDNet

"Last week, in a report from Digital ID World, I mentioned Equals. Gabe Gabe Wachob gave me the demo, but kept saying "I wish Ajay were here–he really gives a good demo."

Ajay is Ajay Madhok, the CEO of AmSoft Systems, the company behind Equals. I was disappointed not to meet him, but this morning I got the next best thing: listening to him describe Equals on IT Conversations (he’s the second lightening talk–about 8 minutes in).

Ajay talks about context-aware telephony, which promises to give users more choice, privacy, and control over who can contact them, how, and when. He does a great job of describing how being able to resolve an abstract identifier (like an i-name) can be resolved to specific channels based on your context (in a meeting, sleeping, etc.) I can see why Gabe likes his demos just from listening to his explanation. "

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