Deep-Tagging Audio / Video Content

Pluggd I’ve been following the emergence of "deep-tagging" technologies for rich media content (audio/video) and was pleased to see Pluggd launch their HearHere service at Demo.

"Pluggd’s HearHere allows people to jump to the exact position in audio or video, such as podcasts and video casts, where there is something they want to hear. People have come to expect this instant return with web pages, but up until now audio and video have failed to deliver the same searchability. Now, you will no longer have to listen to five minutes of an NPR podcast before you reach the topic you care about. HearHere changes everything."

Companies like Pluggd, Podzinger and Truveo (acquired by AOL) offer interesting technologies that will be important to the adoption and usefulness of rich media within the enterprise.  Consumer use will serve as a proxy for Enterprise use – just as social software, tagging, RSS and multi-tenant technologies have – but it will eventually be a significant component of the emerging web-based personal productivity desktop for the enterprise. 

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