Abgenial – Enterprise 2.0 Composite Applications

I’ve been watching Abgenial since its launch and funding by Peter Rip at Leapfrog Ventures.  I respect Peter’s view of how opportunities will emerge with the creation of Enterprise 2.0 web-centric applications and services.  Jeff Nolan of SAP Ventures / SAP Marketing (e.g. Kill Oracle) who recently left SAP is the new CEO of Abgenial / Teglo.   

If you’re interested in the evolution of the composite Enterprise applications and collaboration across the enterprise (Enterprise 2.0), I recommend watching the introduction of Abgenial / Teglo.

From the Abgenial blog:

"Collaboration is breaking out all over the Web.

  • Collaboration is in Web 2.0. (tagging, sharing, blogging, etc.)
  • Collaboration is in Enterprise 2.0 (wikis, Office 2.0)
  • Collaboration is in Commerce 2.0 (collaborative filtering, reviews)
  • Collaboration is in Entertainment 2.0 (ratings, reviews, etc.)
  • Collaboration is even baked into the product roadmaps of Microsoft and IBM.

Collaboration isn’t new. It is the human condition. It is called groupware, business process, syncing, sharing, mind melding, conferencing, routing, and otherwise just getting together. It is as much about Web 2.0 as it is about Human Being 0.1.

So why am I talking about this here? And why when we talk about “programming the web”? Because here is the basic idea at Abgenial. We think that the Web is a great foundation to enable collaboration, and collaboration happens when data is passed around. It may be dumped into a common database like Digg, into a text repository like a wiki, a shared spreadsheet, or onto a public/private map. It may be routed between applications like an invitation goes to email goes to calendar goes to reminder. It may even be my collaboration with myself as all my web identities on Flickr, Myspace, AIM, and other places get collected together into a re-united me. It may be an order that goes from Amazon to an affiliate to Fedex to your inbox.

  • Collaboration is transport.
  • Process is the container.
  • Data is the payload.

Abgenial is trying to create the fabric for the tapestry that is web-based collaboration. We call that fabric TeqlosTM. Rafael gave an overview of the history of the ideas behind Teqlos and their component TeqletsTM.

Some time in the next few months we will open a site called Teqlo.com. It will be a place where users can assemble collaborative applications from web services. If we do our jobs well, users will be able to assemble interesting and useful teqlos to collaborate with each other (and with themselves) without having to wait for a programmer or web designer to write custom web applications for them."

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