Stikkit from “Values of n”

Values_of_n_logo_2 PORTLAND, OR (October 16, 2006): New technology venture Values of n has been selected from a pool of over 200 applicants to launch its first product, a Web-based productivity tool called Stikkit, at the prestigious Web 2.0 Conference Launch Pad in San Francisco, CA on November 7, 2006. Stikkit is a Web-based organizer that promises to make tracking daily details as simple as jotting down a note or firing off email.

"The Web 2.0 Conference showcases the people, ideas, and technologies behind the very best consumer Internet applications," said Values of n founder and CEO Rael Dornfest. "I’m honored that this is where we’ll finally get to show everyone what we’ve been up to."

At the helm of Values of n is founder and CEO Rael Dornfest, former Chief Technical Officer of O’Reilly Media, and creator of the open source Blosxom blogging tool and the first web-based blog aggregator, Meerkat. The company received an angel round of funding in September 2006 led by Ram Shriram of Sherpalo Ventures and has been in stealth mode while Stikkit has been under development. On Tuesday Nov 7th, Dornfest will take the stage in San Francisco and give the first public demonstration of Stikkit. "Stikkit approaches the massive problem of ‘getting organized’ on its smallest atomic level: the individual tasks, appointments, and people one must remember every day," said Dornfest.

About the enigmatic product name Dornfest notes, "We draw from the humble sticky note: that simple, enduring, malleable productivity tool. We start with a blank page, always keeping in mind that technology is just a means to an end here: our job is to remove the barriers to people just getting things jotted down and, ultimately, done."

The software will launch as a "beta" release, a stage made popular by Google where the company reserves the right to improve the software at any time. Said Dornfest, "I like to think ‘beta’ means ‘we’re listening.’"

About Values of n

Values of n is a privately-held Portland, Oregon-based technology company that brings an iconoclastic approach to social software design. We’re throwing out the well-worn assumptions about how applications are supposed to work, and are instead paying attention to the clever ways in which people have adapted software to fit their needs. These workarounds usually contain the seeds of a better solution.

About the Web 2.0 Conference

The Web 2.0 Conference is the flagship conference for the consumer Internet industry. Launched in 2004 by O’Reilly Media, CMP Media, and John Battelle, this invitation-only event presents the technology-leading trends, innovations, and thought leaders you’ll find behind the next crop of consumer-facing products.

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