Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 Play

Oracle’s announcement of a new Web 2.0 for Enterprise product called "WebCenter Suite" has brought to light three significant points:

1. Enterprise 2.0 (Web 2.0 in the Enterprise) has matured to the point that even the big players believe it will generate $, not just hype.

2. Contextual Relevance at the intersection of people, processes and communications will be an important differentiator.

3. It remains unclear if the larger players are able (skills and approach) and willing (discipline to accept core cannibalization) to keep pace with the business models and adoption rate of Enterprise 2.0 web applications in the traditional enterprise software markets.

Here’s Jerry Bowles take on the announcement:

"One of the sure signs that there is money to made in a technology sector is when the big sharks start gathering around spots where the little fish have been happily churning up some waves. 

Today’s announcement that uber-shark Oracle has come up with a “new” product called Oracle WebCenter Suite that “uses Web 2.0 technology to create a context-aware interactive environment that supports the intersection of people, processes, and information across multiple channels to enhance the productivity of information workers” is an outrage to the English language but a sure sign that the battle to integrate Web 2.0 technologies in enterprises has begun in earnest. "


"why anyone would pay $50,000 per CPU for a license to use a tarted-up version of Oracle Fusion Middleware when so many clever subversives on the edges of organizations are already doing all these cool Web 2.0 things now for pennies a month and there are so many really sensational, and far less expensive, enterprise-level integration solutions available or in the works".


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