Foneshow FoneShow is focused on enabling users to access and listen to podcasts over their mobile device.  From the FoneShow Site and Blog:

FoneShow has developed a unique platform that lets users consume short-form audio on their cell phones.

Our platform features:

  • Viral growth – Yeah, we know, everyone says that. With FoneShow, your subscribers can share content with their friends, right now, directly from their handset. Their friends can then become your listeners and subscribers, without ever needing to go online.
  • Clickable Audio Ads – That’s right, podcasters are no longer stuck with vauge handwaving of CPM based advertising. Advertisers understand their ROI with CPC advertisments.
  • Real metrics – We can tell you how many listeners you have, not just subscribers. We’ll also give you detailed feedback on how your listeners consume your programming.
  • Dead simple subscription – Users enter their cell phone number in a text box on your landing page and click the subscribe button. Whenever you publish a new episode, your subscribers will get notified (and can listen) right away.

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