Google & Microsoft Wiki Plans for the Enterprise

Google has acquired JotSpot to add Wiki functionality to their Google desk(web)top applications suite.  It will be interesting to watch how two next steps transpire:

(1) How will Google integrate JotSpot into their offer and more specifically monetize it?

(2) What is Microsoft’s parallel Wiki strategy for their Office suite?

One potential answer to question #2 may well center around a Microsoft-SocialText relationship / acquisition.

Don Dodge covers the SocialText integration with Microsoft SharePoint:

"SocialText today announced SocialPoint a wiki based collaboration web service designed to  work with Microsoft’s SharePoint. SocialPoint enables Sharepoint to authenticate to multiple wikis, display "Recent Changes" and pages within the portal while offering them up for real time group editing. 

For example with SocialPoint, a marketing team working on a product launch can collaborate on product marketing materials within a wiki, and then share those materials with field people who link to the SharePoint portal so the field is informed about the launch. Conversely, SocialPoint enables the field people to provide the marketing team with direct and timely feedback from customers."

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