Enterprise 2.0 Communications

In September, Rod Boothby provided a perspective on how Communication tools and methods are evolving as Enterprise 2.0 emerges.  As outlined below, he does a nice job of comparing – and graphing – how phone, instant messaging, email, blogs and wikis… and addresses how they map to different real-time (synchronous) or delayed (asynchronous) communications jobs.


Based on this model, Rod makes the case that blogs and wikis are emerging as powerful enterprise communication platforms because they can be highly leveraged and enable users to:

  • Search across multiple blog and wiki posts
  • Tag posts and articles as part of a social bookmarking tool
  • Subscribe to a feed of interesting or relevant blog and wiki conversations
  • Link to blog and wiki posts for reference and context
  • Aggregate related information found across a community network of blogs and wikis

I like the framing Rod has outlined and would extend his thinking by asking the question…

How might phone, IM and eMail vendors make the data – more specifically the knowledge – embedded in the conversations they enable highly leverageable?

Envision being able to search for prior phone conversations before calling a colleague, tagging (or deep tagging) a phone conversation and linking similar phone conversations to relevant and contextual emails, IMs, blogs or wikis.

Treating voice "data" in a way that can be stored, searched, tagged, linked and referenced in enterprise and mobile environments is a compelling Enterprise 2.0 opportunity that will drive significant user productivity gains and compliments Rod’s vision for asynchronous, leverable communications.

Update – Rod has recently left his post at E&Y to pursue a new opportunity focused on Enterprise 2.0 technologies.  As a leading voice on the emergence of Enterprise 2.0, it will be interesting to follow Rod’s next steps.  Best of luck to him.

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