Product Development 2.0

Andrew Boyd at Strategyst offers insights and comments on the emergence of Product Development 2.0 as outlined by Dion Hinchcliffe:

With Dion’s Product Development 2.0 model, the product development team and the organization gets off the critical path of innovation to become more of a “facilitator” or “moderator” in a real-time development process. The organization controls a few key elements of the new development process, namely platform development, project governance and commercial relationships (monetization and revenue share) and everything else (such as features and functions, marketing and advertising, support and feedback/evaluation) is handled by the user community. Why would the user- community take on this burden? It is simple, customers get exactly what they want, faster, and through more satisfying user experience.

Bah, theoretical bunk; show me an example of where this happening, you say…’s AppExchange is an obvious one. SFDC has developed the platform and will govern the commercial relationships through the new App Store — partners control the features, functions, pricing and module-specific marketing; end-users rate their experiences and provide feedback. Ebay is another example — they’ve developed and monetized the platform, whereas the buyers and sellers control contents of the store. Want one that you haven’t heard of yet?… InnoCentive links up scientists with companies looking for answers. They’ve got the platform, governance and monetization model, bu the actual research is conducted by “solvers” for companies with problems (”seekers”). Check it out, it’s all there. The terminology that we use to describe product development 2.0 will surely change, but the basic underlying principles are here to stay.

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