Is the Google gPhone on the way?

Google_logo_3 Is Google prepping a gPhone in conjunction with Samsung?  The goal seems strategically sound… if not the actual execution with Samsung.

If Google has invested in dark fiber and new datacenters to ensure the execution of their vision despite the ‘Net Neutrality battle, it would not surprise me to see additional investments extended to the mobile world. 

Come to think of it…what has happened to the Boston-based start-up Android that they bought a few years ago?  Rumor has it that the Google-Boston team may be working on a Mobile OS complete with a g-friendly phone and potentially even a personal switch/pbx.   

It is not too hard to see them pursuing…

GAIM / XMPP + Asterisk + Google Android Mobile OS = Google gPhone with gTalk and gOS

And now from Silicon Valley Sleuth

We’ve hardly recovered from Apple’s iPhone shock, or the rumor mills once again are driving the heartbeats of gadget lovers worldwide into overdrive.

Samsung_2 Google allegedly is working together with Samsung on a new mobile phone (pictured below). But all that we have to back up those outrageous claims is the fact that the picture came together with the words "Google Switch".

Fake product mock-ups are a dime a dozen these days, but anything that involves Google is sure to catch our attention.


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