Browser based Calling

Gizmocalllogo Gizmo Call is a modernized way to make web-based calls developed by the team who brought you the Gizmo Project voice and IM software, as well as the SIPphone VoIP platform, a robust network and directory for efficiently carrying VoIP calls.

Here’s Andy Abramson’s take on this announcement:

What makes this cool is that you can make calls today and in the near future receive calls in a browser. That means you don’t have to at YOUR computer, you can be at ANY computer.

So what does this mean? Well for starters since you can point any SIP service to GizmoProject it means that the idea of a softphone as a piece of software becomes unneeded, because any browser now becomes a softphone. That’s very similar in approach to VoIPster and Abbeynet, but with a difference. GizmoPoject already has hundreds of thousands of users and they have built some telco relationships with carriers such as SingTel. Gizmo also leverages Level3’s network and capabilities and since migrating away from some Tier 2 carriers here in the USA has seen their quality steadily rise.

For the road warrior this is a great solution. It means your phone number, and your calling, once you install the plug in, is only a screen away.

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