Google and Avaya

From Rich Tehrani

"If there is one area in which Avaya has differentiated itself these past years, it is in its developer program. The company has been far ahead of all other larger communications players as it realizes that an ecosystem of partners is the best way to add value to corporations.
It is for this reason we shouldn’t be surprised to hear the company has decided to integrate its phone systems with the latest paid software offering from Google. Although Avaya’s integration news doesn’t disclose all of its details, we can hope for things like toolbars in Google applications, allowing single-click calling. In addition, I hope for the ability to have full call control from Google’s programs and screen pops when incoming calls arrive.
In a way this sort of integration makes sense for Avaya as the company is probably not thrilled with the Microsoft/Nortel partnership and sees this announcement as a way to counter the move made by the Redmond/Canadian duo.
It will be a number of years before Google gains any serious Office application market share in my opinion but still this is a very smart move for Avaya."

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