Adobe’s Communication App Strategy

Mike Gotta of Burton speculates on Adobe’s ambition for Flash Devices and Communication Applications:

Adobe remains a "free radical" player in the unified communications market with interesting acquisitions earlier this year (see earlier post). Will Adobe try to take on Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Skype and others – will it prefer to form alliances and partner with vendors like Avaya or Oracle (it already has a relationship with Cisco), perhaps it will try to align itself with Google or exploit relationships with media providers to support rich media content services, or will it be happy to merely to play the role of "arms supplier" – many options. Flash devices and the Flash developer community are just one pathway Adobe can leverage.

This past Wednesday during the mobile & solutions portion of the Adobe financial analyst meeting we shared that by 2010 we expect over 1 billion Flash enabled devices to be in market. As you can see from the graphic above, there’s a steady trend of increasing handsets shipping with Flash technologies pre-installed. There’s also a lot of other good information and details about Adobe’s mobile and solutions available for you to watch or download.

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