From Jim Downing of SmartMobs:

"If spending too much time online turns you into your evil twin,then it might be time for a "cybertwin","this CNET article says."An Australian upstart on Monday introduced MyCyberTwin,an early version of software that lets people create and customize a virtual personality that can chat with others while they’re offline.Liesl Capper,co-founder of RelevanceNow,which built MyCyberTwin,said the so-called chat bot technology can be used on blogs,dating sites or in social networks like MySpace by cutting and pasting code from the site onto the third-party page.Capper describes the software as an extension of your personality online. "It can talk to friends when you’re sleeping or tell people where the party is Saturday night," she said.Virtual personalities are not new,but MyCybertwin could take the trend of instant-messaging avatars like Yahoo’s and Second Life personas in a new direction".

Software lets you create cybertwin

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