Successful Social Network Campaigns

Christine Heron outlines an interesting set of rules to engage and empower social networks.

At N-TEN‘s 2007 Nonprofit Technology Conference, folks gathered to share best practices on how to not only effectively spread a message using social networks, but also drive people to take action. These seven tips are worth noting:

  1. Meet people where they are.
  2. Leverage network partners.
  3. Be everywhere you can be, but prioritize.
  4. Keep on top of your member acquisition costs.
  5. Be prepared for the big moment.
  6. Let the community take over your message.
  7. Keep calls to action simple.

In my experience, the toughest item on this list is #6 – it’s tough for traditional marketing and outreach staff to let go of control over their messages. Faith in the community, however, is rewarded more often than not, and even large consumer products vendors are taking notice.

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