Gtalk + Joost

Google_talk_logo There’s been plenty of chatter speculating on the introduction of multi-chat to GoogleTalk.  This puts Gtalk on par with other consumer IM services and is a bit of catch-up for them.   We should also expect further integration of Gtalk with the emerging Google Apps portfolio (writely, jotspot, tonic, marratech, calendar, gmail).

But what recently caught my attention was GTalk integration with Joost:

"On a related note Joost, a service in closed beta till now, has also integrated Google Talk to allow its users to share their views about a particular TV program with friends in real time (See snapshot below). Joost is backed by the founders of Kazaa and Skype, both of which were desktop applications like Joost. If the performance of Niklas and Janus in successfully building and launching desktop based applications is any indicator we can safely predict that Joost will also be able to gain mass user uptake. This in turn will cement Google Talk’s position against other IM apps."

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