Enterprise 2.0 Keynotes – Day 1

Charlie Wood cuts to the chase in his summary of the day 1 Enterprise 2.0 keynotes.  Thanks Charlie!

Notes from Enterprise 2.0 Day One Morning Keynotes

David Weinberger

  • Says "messiness is good", but I think he’s mistaking complexity for messiness.

Andrew McAfee

  • Traditional software is "anti-social". Funny. Says remarkable progress has been made in spreading the idea of "Enterprise 2.0" and credits high school and college kids for doing so: "My son uses Facebook. How can we use systems like that in our business?" I don’t have any experience that validates that.
  • Expertise is widely distributed and hard to locate. I totally agree. Your position in the org chart doesn’t tell me what you know.
  • The users themselves should be generating the metadata, as a by-product of their normal work. Tagging, linking, etc.
  • "I used to think that the opposite of an imposed structure was going to be chaos. But that’s just not true."
  • "Cambrian explosion of tools and technologies"
  • products that grab me have "Zen-like simplicity" "They do one or two things for me that I need done"
  • gives his lowest grade to "communicating results": success stories, war stories, examples of how the vision is playing out in the real world
  • want the industry to avoid the ROI trap. if ROI = 200%, why is the company doing anything other than buying and using software? instead, companies want ways to triangulate the quality of their investment in software
  • proposes an e2.0 repository for e2.0 efforts, suggests some ground rules, vounteers to participate
  • "the blogosphere is my single most valuable source of information"

Great presentation–content-rich, well-delivered, exactly on-time, perfectly targeted at the audience

Ambuj Goyal, IBM

  • "Enterprise 2.0" is just "eBusiness 2.0"
  • Share with suppliers (extranet), commerce with their customers (internet), share with employees (intranet)

Unfortunately, this presentation seems to be mostly a sales pitch for WebSphere Portal, WebSphere Commerce

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