Sensing Relevance in the “Flow”

Phil Wolff wants a solution now.   He’s ready for someone to introduce contextual intelligence and relevance filtering to the FLOW of communications media and various social channels bombarding him — and all of us.   

I agree with Phil.  I like to call this "sensing relevance in the flow". Our ability to take advantage of social presence and near real-time communication applications mixed in the Flow of information we create and receive every day will directly depend on our ability to filter and adjust that Flow based on tools that sense social and contextual relevance.  There are significant opportunities within the Enterprise ( think Enterprise 2.0 + communications ) to create user value from intelligently managing communications flow.   

Here’s Phil’s view:

" I need tools that filter the spew.

Sort it.

Rank it.

Based on my behavior.

The way other tools infer from community behavior.

Google News, Techmeme

Buzz Index, Zeitgeist

More than social filtering,
personal, behavioral, tacit filtering.

Datamine Me! 

Infer the heck out of me.

Expect to see these social filtering, behavioral and implied relevance tools emerge from today’s enterprise communications leaders including Avaya, Cisco and others.   The key will be to apply the social software lessons learned from leading Web 2.0 players and adapt them to the communication flows running within the enterprise.   

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