YouMob – Live Mobs on the Web

From Gerrit Visser at Smart Mobs

Youmob_logo YouMob founder Steve Falcon points to YouMob a site that lets people on the web gather around any page.

"We’ve created a site that directly implements a kind of "swarming’ on the web that you discuss. It’s called YouMob"

As live mob participants, mobbers can share their reactions and comments, and be counted among those who consider a page interesting, entertaining, important, or even unacceptable. Simply put, YouMob creates LIVE mobs on the web.

The YouMob message marquee lets you send a comment to all mobbers present. Since a mob can be attended by literally thousands of people, the message marquee displays comments in the order they were submitted. Each comment is displayed for a few seconds before the next one is shown.

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