Voice 2.0 Accelerates

Sparked by Google’s acquisition of GrandCentral, Adam Ostrow at Mashable offers his vote for the "7 Most Disruptive VoiP Services"


While the world is buzzing about Google’s acquisition of GrandCentral, there are a variety of other startups creating web-based services for managing different aspects of your telephone experience, and in some cases dramatically lowering the cost of staying in touch. Several are also taking advantage of social networks, creating widgets that connect MySpace profiles, Facebook accounts, and blogs to your various communication devices.

I’ve been tracking the evolution of Voice 2.0 plays for the past 18-24 months and agree with Adam’s conclusion that opportunity is ripe for advanced communication applications that leverage the web to solve basic user problems.  Presence, Availability, Contextual Awareness, Social Awareness and Multi-Channel Aggregation are all core user problems looking for comm applications and/or services that are intuitive, user-centric and community empowered.   Additional plays worth checking out as Voice 2.0 evolves include www.iotum.com , www.gizmo.com , www.rebtel.com , www.phonegnome.com , www.sightspeed.com

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