Twitter clones in China

Sohu and Tencent both quietly started to test a Twitter-like feature in their services recently.

Sohu Mini PostSohu launched this service together with its Sohu Blog 3.0. The service, called Mini Post, is a new module of Sohu Blog, it allows users to input no more than 70 Chinese characters. Tencent’s twitter-like service is part of its video sharing service, it has been launched for at least two weeks.

Both of these service are still very simple, so far they are no more than a mini blog. You can not follow the update of your friends as conveniently as Twitter, and you can only update it on web, update via IM bot and SMS is not available. But I’m sure both Sohu and Tencent will keep improving their services and adding more features.

When Sohu, Tencent and more big Chinese Internet companies add Twitter-like services, we will keep an close eye on the development of other stand-alone Twitter-copy services, such as Fanfou and


  1. Microblogs exist now in many languages:
    English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, German, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian.
    there is even a specialization under way for specific usages.

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