Enterprise 2.0, Enterprise Social Media and Syndication

Know_now_logoI’ve been considering how unstructured data found in enterprise communication flow (see earlier posts here, here, here and here), Social Software and Syndication will be used to create a persistent single social media flow for enterprise users and communities.  Having on-demand access to, and syndication management over, contextually relevant data will dramatically improve the speed of collaboration, innovation and expertise sharing.  An enterprise class RSS architecture that authenticates, aggregates and syndicates unstructured enterprise information is an important element to successfully deploying a social media workstream solution for the enterprise.

As a component of an Enterpise 2.0 strategy, Dr. Rohit Khare (co-founder of Know-Now) introduces the concept and interesting concept called “SynOA” or Syndication Oriented Architecture:

Leading enterprises have begun to eliminate information overload and tap into real-time, relevant information by deploying syndication as a core component of their Service-Oriented Architectures. Examples include KnowNow customers CSAA, Union Bank of California, and Wells Fargo. By using web-based tools such as RSS syndication and aggregation, a standards-oriented syndication service can deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time and on the right device.

SynOA also guides a wide range of services that can better manage information overload into five layers of increasingly sophisticated capabilities: Publication, Subscription, Distribution, Personalization, and Collaboration. Replicating news filtering and early-warning news tracking aspects of sites like Digg, Sphere, and Techmeme within an enterprise setting will change the role of the IT department and enhance collaboration, both inside and outside of the enterprise.

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