Consumer 2.0 vs. Employee 1.0

From Joe McKendrick at FastForward and Christian Smagg at SaaStream

CIO Insight recently published a very interesting survey on Web 2.0 tools CIOs were using in their personal lives. It turns out they are avid consumers of many of these technologies. Around half of them are using Video over the Web, blogs, wikis and RSS. On the other hand, 11% reported that they were using none of these technologies … a worrying fact considering that the surveyed audience were decision makers in charge of new IT projects and associated budgets!

Here’s what Web 2.0 tools CIOs are personally using:

– Video over the Web: 54%
– Wikis: 49%
– Blogs: 48%
– RSS (Really Simple Syndication):  47%
– Podcasts: 39%
– Social networking (e.g., tagging,, LinkedIn, Technorati): 33%
– Expertise location and sharing: 21%
– Mashups: 13%
– Virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life): 12%
– Instant mobile updates (e.g., Twitter): 11%
– None of the above: 11%

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