Salesforce launches IDEAS ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ Service

Marc Andreesen offers his perspective on the three different levels of a Platfom Strategy where:

Level 1 = "Access API" where developers code resides outside the platform. Examples include eBay, PayPal, Flickr, Delicious

Level 2 = "Plug-In API" where developer create functions injected into the platform and user interface.  Examples include Facebook, Firefox, PhotoShop.

Level 3 = "Runtime Environment" where developer code runs embedded in the platform. Examples include Ning,, Second Life

Salesforce_logo And just to prove the point that is driving a Level 3 Platform Strategy for On-Demand Applications, they just announced Social Software "Wisdom of Crowds" community service.  From Mashable:

"Salesforce has announced a small army of updates, services and new products today, sending us a never-ending trove of press releases. What it all boils down to is the milestone of 900,000 members using Salesforce, and a new service called Ideas, enabling Salesforce clients to create their own community where users can submit workflow ideas.

It’s clear that Salesforce has become rather prominent in its field, and with big-name clients and other business solutions, it’s no surprise that it’s nearing the 1 million member mark. It’s new service Ideas is already in use by one of its clients, Dell, as well as in-house through Salesforce. This wisdom-of-the-crowds tool is now being extended to all Salesforce clients, and will be fully available early next year. Ideas lets you gather submitted suggestions from end users, see what’s popular, what’s needed, and help determine the best course of action. This community-based collaborative tool can be used internally or with B2B interactions as well. It’s built using’s Platform-as-a-Service application, which allows Salesforce clients to essentially build and customize the communities for their own purposes.

IBM has also launched community services for its developer network. Salesforce has launched its Facebook application not too long ago, and Netbooks, a service launched by QuickBooks creator, has recently launched as well."


  1. Thanks for the post Bruce!
    We also launched the Salesforce Ideas blog this week so you can check it out for more details on what we’re up to.

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