Web 2.0 vs. Semantic Web

From Tim O’Reilly:

"…What Larry Page realized was that meaning was already being encoded unconsciously by web page creators when they linked one page to another. And that understanding that a link was a vote allowed Google to give better search results than people who, up to that time, were just searching the contents of the various documents on the web.

And so, it seems to me that Pagerank illustrates the fundamental difference between the approaches of the Semantic Web and Web 2.0. The Semantic Web sees meaning as something that needs to be added to documents so that computers can act intelligently about them. Web 2.0 seeks to discover the ways that meaning has already been implicitly encoded by the way people use documents and digital objects, and then to extract that meaning, often by statistical means by studying large aggregates of related documents."


  1. I have a similar posting here that you might be interested in: http://www.semanticfocus.com/blog/entry/title/camp-semantic-web-vs-camp-Web-20/

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